How to hack Wifi using Wifite tool in Kali Linux or any other Ubuntu based distro !

Wifite tool is for Linux only !

Wifite was designed for use with pentesting distributions of Linux, such as Kali, Backbox, Gentoo etc, can be installed on Ubuntu based distro’s using the apt-get command

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wifite
sudo apt-get upgrade

Wifite must be run as root. This is required by the suite of programs it uses. Running downloaded scripts as root is a bad idea. I recommend using the Kali Linux bootable Live CD, a bootable USB stick (for persistent), or a virtual machine. Note that Virtual Machines cannot directly access hardware so a wireless USB dongle would be required.

Wifite assumes that you have a wireless card and the appropriate drivers that are patched for injection and promiscuous/monitor mode.

This is the tool that I highly recommend using. With similar functionality to fern-
wifi-cracker, Wifite is another gui-front end to Aircrack-ng and Reaver. In certain cases, I found
Wifite to work better than my other tools. To start Wifite:
● cd /opt/wifite
● python ./wifite.pyOnce you have wifite.py running, it automatically starts scanning the networks for access points. In the
image below, we identify a WEP network with an ESSID of “me”.

Once you have identified a target, press “CTRL-C” and pick the value of the ESSID you want to
attack. In this case, we will attack ESSID number 5. Once selected, this will kick off the WEP attack
to capture and crack IVs.

That’s pretty much it. Even better, if the access point isn’t vulnerable to WEP attacks, but is
vulnerable to WPS and utilizes WPAv2, Wifite will kick off Reaver to attack WPS. If that is
unsuccessful, it will attack WPA by disassociating clients and capturing the authentication handshake.

[via:- Github wifite]


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