Parrot Security OS – An expert in privacy defense, IoT, pen testing etc, based on Debian !


Parrot Security OS (or ParrotSec) is a Linux distribution based on Debian with a focus on computer security. It is designed for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, computer forensics and anonymous web browsing. It is developed by the Frozenbox Team.

As per Distrowatch, Parrot Security OS is a Debian-based, security-oriented distribution featuring a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy, anonymity and cryptography. The product, developed by Frozenbox, comes with MATE as the default desktop environment.

ParrotSec is intended to provide a penetrating testing tools equipped with many different kinds of tools for user to be test on their lab.

Parrot is based on Debian’s testing branch (stretch), with a custom Linux 4.9 kernel. It follows a rolling release development model.

The desktop environment is MATE, and the default display manager is LightDM.

The project is certified to run on devices which have a minimum of 256MB of RAM, and it is suitable for both 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (amd64) processor architectures. Moreover, the project is available for ARMv7 (armhf) architectures. It even offers an edition (both 32-bit and 64-bit) developed specifically for servers to carry out cloud service penetration testing.

In June 2017, ParrotSec announced they were considering to change from Debian to Devuan, mainly because of problems with the highly controversial systemd.

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