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Aku World

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December 2-4 Miami

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Explore the Dimensions of Aku World

Discover new realities through an immersive experience planted in the heart of Miami's Art Basel.

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Private Performance by


Dec 2nd 9:00pm

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AKU's Collection

Curated By
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With a focus on uplifting black artists and creators, Aku’s unrelenting desire to express himself takes him on a journey across the universe to meet incredible visionaries on a journey of their own and discover new passions and dreams he didn’t know existed. The Aku collection highlights six incredible Black artists from around the world, all of whom utilize different mediums to express their own messages.

Featuring some never before seen pieces by these artists, Jade Yasmeen (bottom right), Floyd Strickland (Top left), Solomon Omogboye (Bottom left), Asiko (Top right), collectors will have the opportunity to view and be the first to acquire them. The Aku collection is curated by Art Angels - the Los Angeles gallery that has supported Aku on his journey.

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Walk with Aku

Transform in true 3D form in The Minting Room. Here guests will create their personal avatar to experience the world of Aku in another life form.

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Merch Room

Attendees will be able to purchase limited edition products that will be displayed as holograms in display cases in the room.

Guests will be able to scan the QR codes on each display to purchase physical products.


Each day new designers released 24-hour limited edition merch drops world renowned artist are on display at Aku World: Miami during Art Basel


DEC 2nd

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Pusha T

DEC 3rd

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Jerome Lamaar

DEC 4th